12 Ways People Find your Vacation Rental Website to Book (and it’s not SEO)

How the heck do people find your vacation rental website to book a stay?

By starting with a vacation rental website template, you’ve saved yourself a lot of time in getting a branded website up and running for guests to book. That’s step one.

But marketing your site takes creativity. You’ve probably seen our 32 Places to List Your Site for Free, but here’s our follow up of how we’ve seen people drive traffic to their website in the last year–and with incredible success.

We know SEO has worked for some people using OneRooftop’s vacation rental software (we make it very simple to do and keep up on best practices for the industry) but still, we’ve seen significantly more people flourish by other means.

So here it goes: 12 New Ways to market your vacation rental website.

1. They stayed with you before.

First time with a website? The best way to get traffic to your website when starting out is to send out an email blast to your past guests using a service like MailChimp urging them to book with you again. Email marketing is an incredibly powerful way to keep in touch with past guests. If email marketing is new to you, you should read OneRooftop’s guide that is specific to improving your vacation rental marketing.

2. Their friend or family member stayed at your property before.

Referrals carry more weight than any amount of money you can spend on marketing. Normal folks don’t recommend a VRBO listing to their friends. They would recommend a brand, like a villa they booked with guestspaces.com.

3. They read about you in a travel blog.

Travel writers write about brands, not just any listing. Having a website is the first step in developing a brand. Don’t think it’s possible? Curtis Hawes, manager of oldkyoto.com, has been featured in Lonely Planet and Cool Hunting. Our friend Carol at Whymms Villas had a travel writer stay at her homes in the Bahamas.

4. They saw your Tiny Houses on Portlandia.

Does your business do something unique? You may be inspiration to the sketch comedians  Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.

5. OneRooftop featured your property on its social media platforms.

Lovin’ the photos? @onerooftop is on Instagram. Our friends up at Healdsburg Experience had some amazing pictures and we took notice. Check out their website for more pictures and info!

10. You created a vacation guide on Issu.

Ashley at atxcasas.com created a vacation guide to the best spots for visitors to Austin, TX by using the online zine builder, Issu. Check out her guide to Austin.

11. You’ve built out a following on Pinterest.

Pinterest makes sharing so easy. If you have a blog and produce great content, you need to be on Pinterest to give your work a longer shelf life. Check out Matt Landau’s research on Pinterest as a marketing goldmine.

12. Your video tutorials to the local golf course inspired someone to book your vacation rental.

Rick Oster’s Golf Houses are built right on destination golf courses in Prattville and Birmingham. He’s created these incredible videos using drones to give the best golf advice for each hole. Here’s one example. When it’s all said and done, there will be 52 tutorials!


What is your vacation rental website’s success story?

Did you do something great we didn’t mention? Leave us a comment below or send an email to info@onerooftop.com. OneRooftop would love to hear from you!

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