5 Travel Instagram Accounts We Can’t Live Without.

OneRooftop’s travel experts are champs of travel. When you text in to our live team of travel agents to find you a vacation rental somewhere in the world, you’re talking to people who love seeking out new adventures. And what do we do when we’re looking for inspiration for our upcoming trips?

We hit up Instagram.

When it comes to travel, Instagram is like a world book encyclopedia with photos and stories, and our team is wildly inspired by the platform. Here are five of our favorite Instatravelers. Follow their adventures and get inspired!

One. Murad Osmann: @muradosmann

#followmeto the amazing Jordan with @yourleo. Collabing with my friend @nois7. #shareyourjordan.

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Looking for beautiful, colorful, sexy, and humorous, all in one travel photographer? Look no further than Murad Osmann. Murad is a world traveler and photographer whose Instagram series #followmeto has been a sensation online for the . The series features Murad’s wife, Natalya Osmann, reaching a hand behind her to lead Murad all over the world. Over the last four years, Murad has followed Natalya to Bohol in the Philippines, Jaipur in India — even Platform 9 3/4 featured in the Harry Potter films.


Two. Chris Burkard: @chrisburkard

Chris has an attitude we absolutely love.

Be fearless, lead on into your own Adventure, explore the world. Even if that means diving into the Greenland Sea to surf around some icebergs….

Um…About that last one…

But really, photographers like Chris do inspire us to live out own adventurous dreams. Chris is more on the outdoorsy side, but browsing through his Instagram will push you to your own limits, in whatever style that may be.


Three. Travel Noire: @travelnoire

Shades of blue. @findingpaola // Bermuda. #travelnoire #bermuda Tag who you’d want standing next to you in Bermuda!

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Travel Noire is a digital publishing platform that our team has really loved for awhile. Also based in San Francisco, @travelnoire spotlights inspiring individuals all over the world of African descent. Definitely take some time to read their articles on their website, travelnoire.com, and their Instagram is one you should follow now (right now!) for beautiful travel and perspectives.


Four. Jacintha Verdegaal: @urbanpixxels

London has 17.4 million foreign visitors on Oxford Street every single year. We understand the desire to go to London and see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Tower Bridge, followed by a glass of beer and some fish & chips. We also understand wanting to see all the other beautiful sights London has to offer. Follow @urbanpixxels, a Dutch ex-pat living in London, to discover the anglophile in you.


Five. Taylor Pemberton: @pemberton

Thanks kind old lady for letting me take your picture. 😊 #hochimincity #saigon #vietnam #contrateur

A photo posted by Taylor Pemberton (@pemberton) on

With the emotional intensity of Taylor Pemberton’s landscapes and portraits in south-east Asia, you’d think you might be flipping through the pages of National Geographic. Pemberton’s digital media studio, which he founded, sets out with the mission of making “the internet more human.” Check out his Instagram and his site pmbr.tn to see more of his work.

Thanks for getting inspired with us!

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