7 Essential Vacation Rental Marketing Resources

So you have decided to grab hold of your vacation rental business, either as an owner or manager. You’re feeling excited and a little bit tired, perhaps, and there is a growing weariness about getting bookings and building your business all on your own. Every vacation rental professional has gone through their share of challenges: the best news is that you don’t have to walk that road by yourself! There is so much content online and a wealth of resources curated by the most successful business leaders in hospitality who want to help you unlock your business with as much success (and as little stress) as possible. OneRooftop has compiled this list of 7 places on the web where you can read content or join a conversation for a particular problem, no matter how big, small, or odd.


  1. Vacation Rental Professionals LinkedIn Group

This group brings together the brightest people from the vacation rental industry to have conversations through Linkedin. Such a community is there to knock skulls over interesting challenges, both for service providers and consumers. You go here for insights, rather than to market your products.


  1. Cottage Blogger

Heather Bayer, the author of Renting Your Recreational Property for Profit, is a vacation rental sharpshooter and a huge ally to V.R. owners and managers that wish to build their small businesses. Cottage Blogger keeps you up to date with changing industry trends with a range of different content, from videos and podcasts to written articles.


  1. Vacation Rental Marketing Blog

A fascinating human being and a gifted writer and marketer, Matt Landau has written prolifically about branding, marketing, and building a business out of a vacation rental property. His writing is thoughtful, honest, and fun to read. If you’re enthusiastic and serious about launching your business, Landau’s content is for you. Check it out. After reading awhile, you may even find your way into his private forum.


  1. HomeAway Community

You’re going to find a lot of perspective here. If you have a tricky situation that feels oddly specific, someone here will be sure to help you. With blogs and forums and TONS of insights, the HomeAway Community can be a serious asset for networking and education. All visitors can read the content, but you must register to post, network, and join webinars. (Luckily, registration is free!)

Here are some examples of what you can expect to learn:

  1. Rent More Weeks

Rent More Weeks provides guidance to stand out from other vacation rentals, producing tons of sturdy guides and tips for all involved in hospitality. Rent More Weeks is run by V.R. guru, Alan Egan. Have a question about your holiday rental? Alan Egan has an answer. If it isn’t on Rent More Weeks, you may find it on Egan’s latest project, Bookings Plus 4G (B+4G), an online learning center for renting professionals.


  1. Yahoo Group: Vacation Rentals—For Owners and Renters

This group brings together over 4500 professionals and vacationers that can provide insights on various topics, including where to advertise, vacation destinations, deposit policies, leases, cancellations, room and sales tax, strategies for check-ins and –outs, hospitality advice, calendar optimization, energizing guest books, and more. This is another group where you’ll have to request to join but membership is free.


  1. Vacation Rental Managers Association’s Blog

The Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) is an international association of the vacation rental property management and hospitality industries. They are a huge global community and a membership can help you advance your knowledge about the the vacation rental space. Their blog is well organized and covers guest services, professionalism, property services, sales and marketing for vacation rental managers. Even if you aren’t a member of the VRMA, stop by their blog for some great info.


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