Full Stack: 9 Product Updates from OneRooftop

Our developers have been cooking up a storm. As we mentioned in our 2016 annual report, OneRooftop’s team is doubling down on making our software the most powerful vacation rental software available without ever compromising our user’s experience.

Here’s a round up of the lastest updates to tools that help you simplify your life as a vacation rental manager.

1. Rates just got visual

We’ll be first to admit it. The old way of adding rates was too time-consuming. It’s more intuitive to see your rates as a calendar, right?


When adding a seasonal rate, simply click on the start date. A window will pop open asking you to add rate details.


New value added:

1. Your eyes won’t hurt when you add new rates. 😉
2. Don’t overlap rates on accident — you can clearly see when a rate period starts and ends.
3. When no seasonal rate applies, the system will default to a standard nightly rate, which you can identify as the gray font.
4. If you liked the old way or viewing the rates, just click the “List” button on the righthand side.

2. Assign merchants to properties with less headache

The steps taken to make sure YOU get paid should be painless.

We realized we were hearing the question, “I just signed up for Stripe… Now what?” a little too often.

To make onboarding simpler, we’ve put all your properties in the Merchant sign-up page. This is especially useful for Property managers paying out their owners and need to assign merchant accounts to individual properties.


New added value:

1. Easily assign merchants to select properties, or bulk update all your properties at once.
2. See the assigned merchant for each property.
3. Customize the view. This lets you filter by unique attributes, such as Homeowner.

3. Issue a refund

Short cuts make everybody happy. Refund a cancelled booking or return a security deposit in no time. Check out our help guide so you know how to issue your next refund.


New added value:

1. Fewer clicks to issue refunds.
2. Return a partial or full refund.
3. Identify refunds for security deposits so your Balance Due isn’t altered.

4. New processes & more support for channel management

Connecting to hundreds of online marketing channels is too big an endeavor for anyone to take on by themselves. Support and coaching is far and away the greatest asset for choosing a channel manager.


OneRooftop believes a support team that is proactively supportive will do more for our clients as well as the products we’ve built. To get in touch with our activation team for channel management, contact support@onerooftop.com

New added value:

1. Education about each channel — each one is different!
2. Get phone support as you onboard channels.
3. Get custom made to-do lists so you know what steps you need to take.

5. Bulk updates

When your long list of properties share common traits, update them all on one page view. You could thin down your property set up time to mere minutes.


New added value:

1. Select specific properties you wish to bulk update, or click select all by checking the white box.
2. Cut your set up time down to minutes.
3. Create custom views of the admin so you can better see what you’re updating.

6. Search tags for guests AND admins

What do people ask when they call you on the phone to book?

People ask specific questions. They ask you to narrow down your inventory to just your ski-in / ski-out lodges. Or they ask, “Which cabins are available next weekend that have a hot tub?”

If you get these questions, it’s time to add search tags.


You’ll be able to filter down your properties that show up in the Calendar View page. Plus you can also make them searchable on the front end of your website. See our help guide for adding search tags.

New added value:

a. Make it easy for your reservation team to filter through properties.
b. Make it easy for your guests to search properties.

7. Filter through amenities

What are the craziest lessons we’ve learned about channel management? Well, a lot of things. One such thing is mapping to external platforms that have a great deal of detail.

More specifically — each listing site has an approved list of amenities. For example, according to Airbnb it’s sufficient to say you have a kitchen. On HomeAway you itemize every last amenity. And if you add an amenity not on the approved list (pizza oven, egg beater, gravy boat) it can’t get mapped into the site.

So we tried to make this massive list a little more bearable.


See our help guide for adding and filtering amenities.

New added value:

1. Make sure your channel manager distributes the right amenities.
2. Filter through different amenity types (Kitchen & Dining, Entertainment, Pool & Spa, and more).

8. Manage relationships with past guests

A vacation rental CRM gives you the most important service you’ll get in any software — long-lasting relationships.

Now when you go to Guests in the left-hand navigation, you can see your guest’s information, including notes you made, their email address and even a phone number. You can also easily access any previous reservation.


Need to find a message with that guest? Just click Messages to open the messenger flyout. You can also begin a new message.


9. Tweaks to calendar view

Our recently released and revamped Calendar View page was a major innovation for OneRooftop’s move to be more mobile-friendly. We also want you to be able to get the most information possible about your upcoming reservations.

Ribbon views are the only reasonable way to see an availability calendar with multiple properties. (If you don’t believe me, just look at this.) However, for single property users, a traditional calendar view works quite nicely.

The latest updates are minor, and if you’ve been working in your website’s dashboard you’ve likely already noticed them. We would like to highlight a few new features added.

New added value:

1. Jump to months in the future by clicking the cog wheel, or select custom date ranges.
2. Make page fullscreen.
3. Toggle between Calendar View and Ribbon View.


First Time Hearing About OneRooftop’s Vacation Rental Software?

Thanks for checking out our blog.  OneRooftop is a comprehensive vacation rental software, website builder, and channel manager. If you’re hoping for your vacation rental management to take off, we’d love to chat. You can schedule a demo with OneRooftop by writing in to support@onerooftop.com, or visiting our website.

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