Bringing Your Vacation Rental to Life with Drone Video

This week’s article comes from Jake Belinky from Airilo, a drone video production company that works specifically with vacation rental owners and managers.

The Power of Drone Video

Try to remember the last movie that you watched. Do you remember what happened? You can probably think of various elements: the characters, the plot, the way you felt during the climactic scene, etc.

Now try to remember the last picture you saw. Not so easy to remember, right? Even more, it’s unlikely you had an emotional connection to that photo, regardless of what it was.

In the digital world, with people feeling the impulse to quickly scroll through information, your ability to capture the attention of potential renters is vitally important. In those precious seconds that a renter is looking at your property, your audience needs to be captivated.

Drone videos provide that wow factor.

With breathtaking footage of the area surrounding the home, viewers imagine what it’s like to stay at your property. All of the questions that would take minutes flipping through picture after picture and reading descriptions, can be answered in seconds with a drone video.

Above all, drone video helps build the key emotional connection to make a customer eager to experience your property.

Building the Emotional Connection

If you think about your most recent vacation, are you seeing still pictures pop into your head? If you were to think about a dream vacation, are you seeing frozen moments?

Probably not.

Instead, you are remembering the activities you participated in or the experiences you hope to have. You may be imagining yourself walking out the back door of a vacation rental somewhere to sit next to the pool, take a stroll down the beach, or hike up the nearest ski mountain.

The way that people dream is through experience and mental video. Your property’s drone video allows your audience to visualize staying at your listing. In this aerial video from Airilo, can you see yourself walking through the grassy hills, breathing in the fresh air of this Midwest vacation spot?

Gold Package from Airilo on Vimeo.

Another key element in an engaging video is music. Paired with visual shots, music gives your audience a memorable ‘feel’ of the property. By matching the tone of the property to the music of the video, the vacation rental owner can tailor their video to elicit their desired response from the viewer. Whether it is a property on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains with slow-paced music or a Miami beach house with upbeat jams, each property can display its unique flare when viewed by guests.

In our digital world, drone videography is a must to get more people looking and booking your property.

About the Author

Airilo is a drone service startup that provides professional video production across the country. With a nationwide drone pilot network, Airilo is able to service far and wide to every vacation rental.

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