OneRooftop Joins the Cloudbeds family

In 2009 we were newly engaged, and wanted to rent an apartment in Buenos Aires. We encountered some bad websites with outdated calendars and zero online booking. As avid travelers, we believed vacation rentals were just a better way to see the world. We bet that vacation rentals would continue to grow and we wanted to help the small businesses in the space with better software.

This was the beginning of WebChalet (now OneRooftop). We have learned a ton along the way, made some mistakes and have seen many of our clients grow with us. We are proud of the product that we have built and equally proud of our agile, nimble team that has made it possible.

Vacation rentals are the future (a good bet!). With the growth of Airbnb and acquisition of HomeAway by Expedia, this much is clear. Vacation rental owners and managers need much more than a website. We started as an easy website builder and quickly realized our clients needed much more. From payments to channel integrations, we evolved into a PMS with a channel manager and booking engine.   

Last year, we started to evaluate integrations with 3rd party channel managers and we came across a company called Cloudbeds and their channel manager, myallocator. Our product needed to move faster. More features, more channels and even more support. We were immediately impressed by Cloudbeds’ technology. Cloudbeds had grown quickly in the hostel and small hotel industry with beautiful, powerful software in addition to providing channel management for thousands of properties worldwide.

We were even more impressed by their team. Like ourselves, their founders. Adam and Richard, were UC Berkeley grads and entrepreneurs.  After meeting a few times, we immediately saw that our business vision and company culture aligned perfectly with theirs. Together, we realized that we can make professional hospitality software simple and accessible to small businesses across the world, not only just for vacation rentals, but for all independent operators, including hostels, boutique hotels and more.

We are thrilled to announce that OneRooftop has officially become a part of the Cloudbeds family. The entire OneRooftop team, Sterling, Chinpin, Matt, Lauren, Nick, Chad and Sarah, will be bringing our vacation rental expertise to Cloudbeds. We will continue to support OneRooftop software and help Cloudbeds expand their platform for vacation rentals.

What does this mean for clients?

Your OneRooftop account and software will remain the same. OneRooftop and Cloudbeds’ engineering teams are working together to build a next generation vacation rental property management system. Once the new system is ready, we will have more information on how to move forward.

We truly believe that you, the independent property operators, are the future of hospitality. We believe Cloudbeds will be the software company to provide the most simple, powerful software, automate your tasks and provide exceptional support.

Giddy up!

Chad and Sarah Brubaker



Chad and Sarah (and a dog on a motorcycle) in Buenos Aires in 2009

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