The Latest Product Updates from OneRooftop

OneRooftop has been moving fast. We’ve added new tools, improved old ones. We’re very excited to share what we’ve been up to. Learn more about the coolest product updates from the OneRooftop team.

1. OneRooftop Admin Updates

  • Add attachments to message templates
    When editing a message template scroll to the very bottom. You will see a button to Upload attachments to that template. Once you save, every time that template goes out it will include the attachment.
  • New Currencies
    Start taking bookings in the Philippine Peso, New Zealand Dollar, and Indian Rupee.
  • New Email Templates
    “Rental Agreement Confirmation” – This email template is triggered when you send a guest the “confirmation only” so they’ll sign your rental agreement. When the guest signs, an email confirmation goes to them automatically. “Updated Balance” – Most guests pay for their reservation in two or more payments. When a guest updates their balance due through OneRooftop, you can enable an automated message to go out to them. Edit your property and proceed to the Messaging tab to customize your template further.
  • Customize iCal look
    When you add an iCal link to OneRooftop, you can customize your link colors and give them a custom name. Learn how to add an iCal to a property in OneRooftop in our help center.
  • Add Guest Information in Quick Add Pop-Up
    When you click Add Reservation in your lefthand menu, you can add in guest information so you can get more done from the Quick Add pop-up.
  • Easily send “updated balance” message
    When you manually add a payment, a confirmation does not automatically get sent the way it might when a guest books through a payment link. Now, you can get more out of your Templates dropdown when you open the messenger flyout. Go to a reservation and click the Messages button. In the Templates dropdown, look for the “Updated Balance” choice.
  • Two Ways to Edit Property Details for Single Property Users
    If you have a single property on OneRooftop, you can edit your property details in two different ways. The first is by clicking the “Properties” tab on the lefthand navigation. The second way is by going to the website tab and proceeding to Pages. If you click the pencil beside “Property” it will bring you to your property settings. Why have both? The answer is simple, really. People think about editing their property settings in two ways. We added this feature for single-property users who may think about their “property page” as a real page on their website, in addition to a list of settings. For users with multiple properties, their property pages will still need to be accessed by clicking the Property tab.

2. Channel Manager: HomeAway Updates

In case you missed our update, OneRooftop is proud to announce our direct integration with HomeAway to our clients with five or more properties. Since making our announcement, we’ve added several new updates, including:

  • HomeAway integration uses payment schedules. Go to your channel settings in OneRooftop (Edit Property > Channel > HomeAway Specific Settings) to set up your payment schedule.
  • Bulk updater now has options for updating HomeAway specific settings. Usually, you must go to each property to update a channel-specific setting through OneRooftop’s channel manager. Now you can do it in just clicks.  Learn how to do a bulk update in OneRooftop’s help center.
  • HomeAway API supports security deposits. Add a security deposit to your HomeAway Specific Settings by going to Property > Edit property > Channels > HomeAway Specific Settings.

3. Channel Manager: Airbnb Updates

  • The new Airbnb “Family friendly” amenities and category are now added. Want to increase bookings with families? Make sure you check specific “Family Friendly” amenities on your property. To select them, log in to OneRooftop, edit your property, and proceed to the Amenities tab. You can use the filter to only see the amenities included in the “Family Friendly” category. Hear from the Airbnb Community about the benefits of listing these amenities.
  • Weekly/Monthly Discount – Set up a weekly or monthly discount. Update your Airbnb-specific settings by editing your property and clicking the Channels tab.
  • Booking Lead Time – Lead time means guest cannot instant book within a set time period. Choose from the following options: 0-24 hours, 48 hours (2 days), 72 hours (3 days) and 168 hours (7 days).
  • Allow Request To Book – Request to book only prevents guests from instant booking within a time period specified in “Booking Lead Time”. Guest can however request a stay within the “lead time” if this setting is selected. If booking a stay far enough out past lead time parameters, guest can still instant book property.
  • Max Days Notice – Don’t want bookings beyond when you have pricing set? There’s a new field in the Airbnb specific settings called “Max Days Notice”. You can choose from unlimited, 90, 180 and 365.
  • New eligibility for API: Miami Beach and Seattle listings are now eligible for the API program.
  • Airbnb Cancellation – Exciting news! New policy types now include the “Super Strict 30” and “Super Strict 60” options.

4. MyAllocator Integration

MyAllocator is one of the fastest and most extensive channel managers in the travel space. OneRooftop is stoked to integrate with MyAllocator and bring our clients access to major OTAs all around the world, including and Expedia among hundreds of others. Reach out to to learn how to launch the channel manager right from your OneRooftop account.

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