6 Tips to Make the Most of your Lake Tahoe Family Vacation

Moms and dads have to agree that a family vacation to Lake Tahoe requires a lot of room to play. Our family has seen it first hand for several vacations. For spring break this year, we took our kids out of the city to go up and see Lake Tahoe and we stayed in a vacation rental.

It was perfect (and not crazy!). Our families were all together, plenty of kids — some of the littler ones that haven’t even seen snow before (!) — and I want to drop these two little knowledge bombs.

1.Kids go to bed early.
2.Grown ups while on vacation, typically (ever?), do not go to bed early.

In a vacation rental, you can put the kiddos to bed upstairs, and retreat downstairs. There, you are free to stay up awhile longer and make dinner (grown-up dinner), play some music, and enjoy the evening.

I mean, hey, it’s our vacation to Lake Tahoe too. =)

From one parent to another, there are six reasons our Spring Break trip to Tahoe was made way better by a vacation rental.

One. We brought multiple families together.

Having a family reunion or a few multi-family vacations is the mark of really sweet life. However it always seems like the planning can drive you up the wall.  Well, with vacation rentals, all you have to do is get there.

The options are endless once you arrive. Kids can play out in the yard while the grownups set the table for dinner. You can make day trips out from your home base, and when you return at the end of the day, crash on a comfortable couch or in the grass out in the backyard.  Vacations to high-tourist destinations like Tahoe are totally rescued when you book the entire house. Best part? When night time rolls around, everybody gets their own bed!


Photo Credit: © Tahoe North

Do away with the roll-away cots or extra hotel suites. It’s your vacation and having your whole family there shouldn’t be a costly upgrade. In a vacation rental home, you can cut a lot of those extra charges!

Two. Access to private beaches.

Many of the vacation rental homes in the Tahoe area go right up to the lake’s beaches. Staying in these houses can give you and your family access not just to public beaches and piers, but the private ones, too.


A beautiful private beach at Lake Tahoe! Hat tip to Vacations by the Beach

If this sounds good to you, just text your OneRooftop travel expert that you’d like a shorter walk to the sand!


The family gets out to play! (Photo via Andrew Toskin)

Three. Fully stocked kitchens.

In our opinion, a home-cooked meal beats out the restaurant every time.

With a beautiful kitchen island, can't you imagine cooking a big family dinner here? Photo via Vacations by the Beach

With a beautiful kitchen island, can’t you imagine cooking a big family dinner here? Photo via Vacations by the Beach

Not only that, you can save a great deal of money by staying in to cook dinner in a fully-stocked kitchen. Professional hosts, the super-est of the best, are great about keeping their homes stocked with the things their guests will need. How many hotels have gone out of their way to get you a rice cooker? Or board games, and extra coffee pots, sauce pans and a barbecue out back?

We happen to love cooking. If you’re looking to eat out though, you should take a peek at our Lake Tahoe Foodies List and learn about our favorite Tahoe restaurants!

Four. Morning coffee on the porch is the best.

Want to wear your pajamas on the porch? Go for it.

Or however you like to take your coffee, it feels so relaxing to sit outside with your morning coffee.


Mmm. The house blend at home. Photo via Tammy Strobel.

We believe the Lake Tahoe area is home to many great cafes, but really what beats that early morning feeling of stepping out into the sunlight, the smell of pine trees all around, a few clouds scooting across the sky? I want that feeling forever!

Five. More space to play.

With more space inside and out, the kids will have much more space to play without bumping into the parents. Parents still want to keep an eye on the kids though, which super doable.


So much fun to be had in Tahoe! Photo via Nicolas Boullosa.

Six. The hot tub.

We know we just named five reasons why to choose a vacation rental. But we’ll just leave this here. =)

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