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Your vacation to Lake Tahoe may be focused on one thing. Perhaps it’s a big weekend ski trip in Squaw, or trail running through the mountains, or maybe it’s a honeymoon to the West Shore. But one thing every foodie knows is that where ever you go and no matter how busy you are with other things, you’re always trying to find the unique restaurant with a one-of-a-kind flavor.

OneRooftop’s Travel Experts have put together this Insider Guide to the Lake Tahoe restaurant scene.

Jake’s on the Lake

Californian Hawaiian, up in the mountains. Rich and light, inventive flavors, dining on the water. Jake’s on the Lake is a dining experience that has it all. The flavor comes with a little of a price, but hey, it’s vacation.

Where: Tahoe City
When: Lunch & Dinner
Why: Because their Filet Mignon Tacos have spiced cream cheese, shredded carrot, chinese snow peas, cucumber, hoisin glaze. Also, Grilled Diver Scallops with pear and jicama slaw (WHAT!) if you’re looking for seafood bites.

Drunken Monkey Sushi, Tapas and Sake Lounge

Call it Comfort Premier, the kind of restaurant where you get amazing food and service and cracking a joke is totally appropriate. Drunken Monkey wins contests year after year for its tapas and sushi. It’s worth stopping by even if only for a tasty beverage.

Where: Truckee
When: Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour
Why: Because Maki, Temaki, Hosomaki, Nigiri and Sashimi. And because 17 carefully selected sakes along with your choice of bowls and tapas.


It ain’t a restaurant and it definitely ain’t catering. It’s a combo of both, but better. Great for events, retreats, weddings or special evening dinners, HeyChef! provides it’s professional cooking and waiting services right in your home. Learn about their three different services.

Where: Wherever you need HeyChef! to be. Seriously.
When: Whenever you need HeyChef! to be there. Call from chairlift or golf course before 2pm if you don’t believe me.
Why: Because holy buckets you can have world class chefs and waiting staff cooking and serving you right at your home.

Fireside Pizza Company

You know the feeling after a big hike or a full day of skiing, where all you want is a big delicious pizza. Fireside Pizza Company in Squaw is your place to go. The restaurant is run by restaurant veterans with pizza building experience you won’t see many places. Fireside Pizza Company also has a full menu of pastas, salads and appetizers.

Where: Squaw Valley (in the village)
When: Lunch and Dinner
Why:  Because Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza. That’s why.

Cottonwood Restaurant

Like everything in Truckee, CA, Cottonwood Restaurant is a place with history. Sit above the town and take in the view of mountains and old west rooftops.

Where: Truckee
When: Dinner and Drinks — live music on Thursdays and Fridays!
Why:  Because when pan roasted pork tenderloin medallions with apple and brown sugar dressing are just a starter dish, you know you’re in for a treat. And because live music.

West Shore Cafe

You’ve heard of West Shore Cafe. Anyone who goes to Tahoe has heard the buzz. West Shore Cafe is a restaurateur’s restaurant. It’s on the lake  with a deck, plus it’s right across the road from Homewood Ski Resort. You can’t beat location. Same can be said of the fried oysters.

Where: West Shore
When:  Lunch, Dinner, Cocktail Time, Dessert
Why: Because a view of the lake is simply worth it all. West Shore Cafe has the area’s best chefs and is a place you can always count on for an amazing dining experience. With its scenic location, West Shore Cafe is also a popular and beautiful wedding venue.


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