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OneRooftop is proud to announce our vacation rental management platform is now 100%  mobile friendly. As of today, you can begin operating OneRooftop’s reservation manager and website-building tools from your smart phone or tablet, as well as your desktop computer. At the store, leaving the bank, or even cleaning the house. Mobile friendly vacation rental software goes anywhere you’re go. Mobile-first solutions help keep you in touch with guests, and continue to grow your brand with the best vacation rental software out there.

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Introduction to New Vacation Rental Software from OneRooftop

Good morning everybody this is Matt from OneRooftop. This is the webinar to go over our new admin panel. We’ve been working super hard so can have a fully mobile-friendly back end. And we’re just going to do a little bit of an overview to cover some of the things that are new here, and also focus on user experience, updated we’ve been making — as well as just how this update is going to be laying the groundwork for a lot of the technical updates we’re going to be making in the future. This is a huge deal! And we’re really excited about it.

So what we’re going to do just to start is we’re going to go through our reservation manager just to give you a quick glance at some of the things that may be looking a little bit different as well as some of the things that are going to make managing reservations much simpler.

As normal, you’re just going to go to your Reservations. And as you’ll see, we’ve done away with some of the big buttons that were there. You’ll still be able to see your dates, statuses, guests — everything like that — but without the clutter.

We’re just going to start with the reservation that’s pending approval. I’m sure many of you are taking your payments this way, where it’s  request to book. So, if Sarah Brubaker had sent in a request to stay, we’d just go to her reservation. And so: this is going to be the new way things are going to look.


Taking payments online needs a simple interface.

One of the things I want to highlight is we have divided the page into two tabs, for ‘General’ and ‘Rates & Fees’. The Rates & Fees is going to be more extra information about your payments. If you need to add in a fee last minute, you can do it by simply adding in a fee. If you need to add anything related to the accommodations, you can do that.

But if everything looks good right when you come in you’d be able to just see straight away how much is due, how much has been paid. You’ll see that there’s five dollars pending here. If you’d just like to accept that five bucks, just hit accept. There’ll be a little pop up, just hit accept one more time.

And there it is! You’ll also see that it’s updated right here.

Simplified Guest Communications

One of the other thing’s we’d like to highlight is our new and improved messaging system. If you want to communicate with your guest, you’re just going click that Messaging button and it’s going to open up this “fly out”.

From here you can either type a custom message. Or, if you want to load in a template, we’ve got several to choose from. You can also go back and add any of your own. So, let’s say you want to send Pre-Arrival Details. You would just select that template, and there you go.


It loads in your guest’s name, and any information you’d like it to have. It also includes the email addresses you had. If you want to add in CCs or BCCs, you can still do that. But we’ve hidden those in the advanced options. Otherwise, if you’re ready to go you can just hit send. To close that out you would just hit messages.

Another thing we’ve done is when you’re logging in, there are certain actions you’re performing all the time. And so we’ve made it so it’s just a little bit simpler to do those things. If you need to take a payment, or send an invoice, or you want to get your payment links, there’s not going to be any more of the scrolling you used to do in the previous version. They’re all just right here.


Use an action bar to easily take online payment.

Sending Invoices for Online Payments

One of the things we think is really cool is that if you need to send out an invoice, then you can just click “Send Invoice”. It loads in with a payment link specific to this reservation, it’s going to go out to the guest, and it will give you everything you needed for that email. And, just as the last time, just hit send.

A little more overview — we’ve also got the option of taking a payment. You’ll also be able to copy your payment links if you need to do that. Again, you just click copy, and it copies for you.

Coming Soon from OneRooftop

So as I said, this is just going to be laying the groundwork for a lot of the things OneRooftop’s going to be doing in the future. We’re really excited about this messaging feature. Our team is working on introducing text messaging into the new platform as well. That means you’ll be able to communicate with guest through text message.

We’re also working on a housekeeping module so that you can get all the cleaning schedules you need to your cleaning staff. That would also be available through email and through text message.

There are a couple other things we’re going to be updating in the future. If you check out calendar view, you’ll see that for right now it’s still the same. But what our staff is going to be working on in the coming weeks and the coming months is we’ll update the way this looks to make it much more user-friendly. We know that this is a highly used page and we’d like to make everything a little more simple on your admin panel.

Some things that are new in this push. We’re going to be updating some things for your photos! You can have it a little easier when you’re adding a new property to rearrange photos, or if you’ve just taken new photos of the living room and want to upload those, you can rearrange those with a very simple drag and drop. All that you would need to do is click on this arrow here, and then you can drag it and drop it where you’re done.

So what we’ll be doing is upgrading everybody who is in this webinar, and you will be able to start using this new back end as of today. What we’d like to be able to just invite you to do is to test everything out, click buttons, and send any feedback — or if you encounter any bugs =) — just report them back to We’ll be able to answer you right back there.

Thank you for joining OneRooftop for this webinar! We’re really excited about this back end, and we hope to hear back from you soon!

Thanks for touring OneRooftop’s vacation rental software with us

Like what you saw today? The good news is this is only the beginning. OneRooftop is dedicated to provide the best software possible to vacation rental owners and managers. Send an email to to upgrade your software and start taking bookings from anywhere.

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  1. Thank you for this. Being new to ORT, I’ve had some adjustments as I enter info for my properties. I don’t see the option of adding tax. Seems like I was told I have to add it to my rate. Is this so, and is this a feature you will have later? Thanks, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon, you can actually still add taxes to your property (under the rates tab). You will need to scroll down to see a heading called “Taxes” and you can create a tax there. If you run into any issues, just give us a call. We’d be happy to show you. =)

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