New Feature: Add a Favicon to your Vacation Rental Website

A favicon, also known as a website icon, is a file containing a small icon associated with a particular Website.  Browsers that provide favicon support typically display a page’s favicon in the browser’s Chrome bar (and sometimes in the history as well) and next to the page’s name in a list of bookmarks.


As you can see, the favicon shows up in a variety of places online. It’s critical for site recognition in a browser full of tabs, and it’s a great opportunity to expand your site’s branding.  Favicons add that extra professional polish that guests appreciate and is another way to bolster your vacation rental business’ credibility.

The Size:

Images for favicons should be 16×16 pixels. You can either resize an existing photo, or create a tiny image specifically for use as a favicon. When resizing a larger photo to be this small, you’ll often lose important details or end up with a fuzzy image. To avoid this, you’ll likely want to do some touch-up work after downsizing the larger photo. Or, just start with a 16×16 canvas to avoid resizing issues altogether.

What Your Favicon Should Include:


– Use your logo (or part of it).  In the example above, Arrowhead Retreats uses the small arrow from its logo.

– If your logo doesn’t display well at such a small size, use a stylized version of the first letter (or letters) of your site or business name.

– Use an icon that communicates what your site does or represents (for example, Google Analytics uses a tiny chart for their favicon)

SEO Benefits:

News flash: Favicon re-emerges as a necessary element for your vacation rental website’s SEO! A Moz Whiteboard Friday covers this interesting update covering Which Page Markup + Tags Still Matter for SEO.

As you continue to optimize your website template in the competitive vacation rental space, consider talking to OneRooftop’s design team about updating your business’s logo and favicon.

How to Add:

OneRooftop’s vacation rental software now allows you to upload your own favicon.  Once you log in to your OneRooftop Admin Panel go to Website Settings > Site Images > Favicon > Upload an image.


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