Vacation Rental Booking Software Upgrades

OneRooftop’s vacation rental booking software strives to be the most powerful product available to owners and managers. Not only does OneRooftop have a flexible booking engine — the entire platform is now mobile friendly, making it even simpler to book more guests wherever you are.


New Look for Booking Pages

Guests will be able to see a real-time charge preview on the front-end of your site, giving them a full breakdown of rates, taxes and fees. It’s one of our goals to help clients increase their conversion rates. The friends who have been with us for awhile, you will notice that the booking checkout has gone from two pages to one page. On this single page, guests enter their contact information, add special requests, input their credit card, and read and agree to rental agreements and policies.

Request to Book

You now have the option to set your booking software to “request to book.” Guests interested in your property enter their credit card information into a booking page for you to request to book. If you approve the reservation, the card will be charged. If declined, the guest will be notified and no charge is made to the credit card.

More Flexible Payment Options

Need to add extra nights on the fly?

Need to rent out some fishing poles last minute?
No problem!

Spend less time scratching your head at complicated software. OneRooftop’s new reservation manager in the back end of your website is more powerful than ever before–but even easier to use. Your booking experience will be much more intuitive, flexible, and high-functioning. Everything can be done with the click of a button.

Add Discounts

There are plenty of scenarios when adding a discount can be better for your business. It’s definitely a great marketing opportunity to offer specials to your guests. We’ve now made it really simple. Once you create a reservation, click the “Add Discount” button and select either a flat or percentage rate off for the booking at hand.

Partial & Full Refunds Directly Through Admin Panel

If you need to provide a refund, it ought to be a simple solution, right? OneRooftop has simplified the entire process. You can now provide a partial or full refund to your guest without ever logging in to Stripe or Braintree. Instead, do it directly through your admin panel. (Manage Reservations > Edit > Payments > Discount). You can also easily generate receipts for refunds.

Take Multiple Credit Cards for a Reservation

Just like they do it at a restaurant. Take multiple card cards on specialized payment schedules, or add different credits to file to split payments between friends, family or coworkers visiting your vacation rental.

Make Multiple Receipts

Each time you make a transaction you can create new receipts to send to guests. Open and save them as PDFs for your records, or copy and paste secure links in an email for your guests.

Let’s get started…

As always, our team is here to help. Email to upgrade!

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