Make Mass Updates Across All Your Properties

Have you tried to make the same update to all your properties at once?
It’s totally the worst, isn’t it?


Now you can say goodbye to confusing, tedious updates. OneRooftop has just added a new feature to the dashboard that is available to all our clients, and it’s totally free. Update information across all of your properties in just a few clicks.

You can make updates to:

  • booking information
  • merchant
  • check-in & check-out times
  • enable or disable inquiries
  • enable or disable auto booking
  • pet friendly information
  • half-day and same-day booking permissions
  • select currency
  • add rental agreement
  • And most exciting of all — update ALL the automated message tools for inquiry, pending approval, and booking notifications! Add email addresses to your BCC list, change out the “from address” for messages to guests, and use a voice you prefer for a message’s actual content.

Nina totally crushed this Rubik’s cube. See more of her photography here.

A clean finish. Start updating now.

In the OneRooftop dashboard, navigate to Accounts > Manage Accounts > Defaults.

You will see a list of headings for the mass updates you can make.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Click expand (the fields will be blank)
  2. Either type (in or paste in) the content you’d like to send to update. If you don’t want to change a field, leave it blank
  3. Save
  4. Click mass update for the area you’d like to update, and a pop up will open to confirm which fields you wish to update

Be careful!

Make sure you ONLY mass update the fields you intended to update.

If a field is left blank and directed to mass update, all your properties will have a blank space.

So remember what Taylor Swift said: “I got a blank space, baby — so don’t mass update.”

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