New Responsive Themes from OneRooftop

Say hello to OneRooftop’s newest themes!


Meet Martin


and Ithica


and Crisper too


And finally, Afuera!

What’s the point of a vacation rental website?

These themes are 100% responsive and look great on your desktop, labtop, tablet and phone. They go well for the modern vacation rental website builder that wants something sleek and modern, but maybe wants to wait before getting a full custom website design. Plus, responsive architecture is Google’s choice.


Manage your vacation rental website with this gorgeous theme, Ithica.

What happens is your photo scales down, and the menu turns into what is called a “hamburger menu”. Navigation gets way easier. Not just that, these new options are just beautiful to look at.

responsive ithica

Take bookings through your vacation rental website.



The display for property pages when you choose the Martin theme.

To switch your new theme, log in to your account, go to the left hand navigation bar and click “Website”. Then click the tab that says “Themes”. From there you can select new themes for your website. Choose between the responsive themes, Crisper, Martin, Ithica, and Afuera. Plus many, many more.

Learn where OneRooftop’s software can take you.

Now that you have a great vacation rental website template with responsive design, it’s time to go get bookings. See our other article, “12 Ways People Find your Vacation Rental Website to Book (and it’s not SEO)“.


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