OneRooftop University Brings You “Stepping Up Your Email Marketing Game”

Email marketing boils down to a simple goal: a clear message to a guest that brings real results to your vacation rental business. Before you get excited, take a moment to reflect on what it means to send a clear message.


Let’s look at an example.

I wear a brand of boots that are supposed to last a lifetime. I’m totally head-over-heels for the product and the company, and so they are among the few businesses I allow to keep sending me emails. Their message is congenial, easy to figure out, and they are never, never hokey. Here’s the first line of one I received the other day: “Bring your boots in for a free heel-to-toe check-up.”

Having bad boots, I learned, can explain why my feet hurt and why my back feels sore. In the email body, they make a bulleted list of other free services. Among the services, they’ll oil the boots, and replace the laces. All this is to increase the lifespan of my boots. They’re also trying to sell me new soles, which I probably don’t need, but in a completely genial way they’re opening up the grounds for me to chat with a sales person.

So when this company was creating a goal for their email, how did they determine their message? Let’s break it down.

This is what the email means to me: All I did was buy some boots and now I get some free services.

This is what the message means to them: Since this guy doesn’t need new boots, let’s do our best to keep him interested in our brand.

If you have goals for your business, start working them into your email marketing strategy.

Email marketing is one of the most direct ways that you can reach out to potential guests and to convince them to book their next vacation with you. That said, there is more preparation that goes into a blast of emails than you might think, even with one as neat and simple as the one mentioned above.

You need to acquire a list of contacts, consider your IP reputation and the chance of deliverability, the voice of your brand. And you need to run split-tests on your emails, to see what really works. You need to think about your website’s landing page in order to sustain your solid click through rates. You need to turn clicks into inquiries into bookings.

To help you with these processes, OneRooftop has put together a guidebook with professional recommendations for improving your email marketing strategy and giving you the information you need to know in order to make more proactive strides in your marketing.

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