New Calendar View

 OneRooftop has updated its calendar view again! 

  • New look
  • New functionality
  • Mobile-friendly navigation

See a preview of our new and updated calendar tool!

Calendar View allows guests to see what nights are available across all properties in one calendar view, making it easier than ever to find and book the ideal vacation rental. The Calendar View is one of the most popular features within the OneRooftop admin, and now you can display the view publicly on your vacation rental website. To enable the feature, follow these easy steps:


1. Log in to your OneRooftop Admin

2. Go to Websites > Manage Websites

3. Choose Pages

4. Add a page called “Calendar View”

5.  Edit page heading and content to be displayed above the calendar

6. Choose which properties to feature and the numbers of months displayed

7. Add the page to your Menu

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