Stay up-to-speed with text message notifications!

OneRooftop has been working like crazy to bring you new product updates every chance we can.

We have just pushed live a text message notification feature that we’re super excited about. This is the first step towards more mobile-first abilities at OneRooftop.

You can enable this new feature in the OneRooftop admin panel:
Accounts > Manage Accounts > General.
SMS notification
Once you verify your mobile phone number you can edit the settings for when you’d like to receive notifications via SMS text message. This includes notifications of inquiries, bookings, questions asked, contact forms submitted, and reviews posted. These notifications won’t log you into your admin panel to start approving guests, but it will keep you up-to-speed with your vacation rental action.
You will have the option of detailed or simple notifications. What’s this mean?

A simple notification, for example, just lets you know you have an inquiry. A detailed notification will give you information like your guest’s name, email, phone number, and vacation dates!

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