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Pictured above are users all over the world using wordpress blogs

I love words. I make a habit of reading and writing every single day. When I started blogging, I felt this massive reluctance to admit that “blog” was real word. Maybe that sounds stuffy.

At the heart of it though, I was unclear about what purpose they served. With the amount of blogs out there, sometimes writers—professional and casual—wonder how much of a difference it makes to keep shoring more and more content against readers on the internet. Are people reading them?

They are, and blogs can help your business too.


For the other logophiles (word lovers) out there, here’s where we get that funny word. Blog. (It always reminded me of “bonk”.) The word signifies a log of what’s going on, the same as a logbook on a ship. A ship’s logbook serves as a written measurement of the distance a ship has travelled, possessing important information about the ships’ operations.

Your blog should do the same. It shows your potential guests how far you’ve come with your business, and what expert knowledge you have of the area. Blogs are an opportunity to show your personality and create a voice for your brand.

I used to think that’s all there was to it, just talking. But there is so much more. Blogs make a measurable difference for your business, especially when it comes to getting traffic to your vacation rental website. The WordPress Stats page has a beautiful visual aid to see how many people are interacting with WordPress blogs at every moment of the day.

It’s a world map with different color lights that blink green, yellow and white when people comment, like, or post on a blog. If someone comments on another person’s blog in San Francisco, a green dot blinks. People are interacting with each other through blogs. People are reading them (over 409 million people each month are reading 20.1 billion pages each month.)

Blogging By Owner

Attaching your blog to your website is among the best ways to improve your website’s SEO and build traffic. Google’s SEO crawlers are looking for websites that can put out quality, sharable, original content that is helpful for readers and rank it higher. Original content doesn’t just mean writing, but also includes photography, videos, and podcasts.

In addition to the content you create, linking between webpages improves your ranking. If your blog is shared, Google crawlers know it’s good. (They also know if you bought backlinks. Don’t do it. You run the risk of getting banned from Google. (Who knew you could get banned from Google?))

Basically, blogs work in a couple of ways. They can bolster your reputation as a local expert. However, if they go for too long without updates, you run the risk of seeming inattentive. Jan Stevens, an owner and manager at Bowen Island Accomodations in British Columbia, tells OneRooftop how she continues to create consistent and compelling content and with good results. Stevens is getting a quarter of her bookings from her OneRooftop site–equal to what she earns from Airbnb.

Some more good news: all OneRooftop sites are capable of adding a blog feed!

Here are some more examples of  VR Owners and Managers who do an excellent job with their blogs.

Suite Escapes in Anaheim, CA

Casa Blu in Park City, UT

Rent 4 Rest in Lisbon, Portugal

Pleasant Grove Cottages in  Weaverville, NC

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