What Part of My Vacation Rental Website Should I Focus On?

Sometimes life feels like a frog-burger sundae with a moose on top.

But at last, you can take a big, deep breath.

Ahh. You’ve started your vacation rental website at last! Getting your site up is a major threshold. Once potential guests can search for your property, you can start getting bookings fast and earning income for your business. And we totally understand that you still have a lot of plans for your business. As time passes, it will all get sorted out and your plans will be put into action. What we don’t want is for you to feel overwhelmed by writing new copy for your website.

You’ll read in blogs everywhere, write strong copy by looking at Nike. Nike is awesome, no doubt. But they didn’t have awesome copy in their first month of business. So don’t be intimidated. With OneRooftop you can edit your copy as often as you want. You could edit your site every day, if you wanted to do. We think running a comb through your About Us page once a month is a good goal. OneRooftop would like to give you a couple recommended pages that can help keep your profile looking sharp and engage your potential guests.

What It’s All About

The properties.

Ok, we don’t want to be Captain Obvious on this one, but hear us out.

These are the pages you’ll benefit from checking up on once a month. Look into your analytics. There’s no need to be perfect right away, just get descriptions that are concise. You’ll get the sense of how long people are lingering on your properties when you sift through your Google Analytics, and therefore how long (or short) your descriptions should be. What might seem like too much writing to me in a description may be thorough and helpful to someone else reading your copy.

In general though, keep your paragraphs short, and your sentences simple. Marcel Proust wouldn’t have made a good copywriter.


Three Other Pages to Focus On

The following pages are going to be where potential guests get a sense of who you are and what your business stands for beyond your properties.

About Us

Here’s the chance to tell your story. What makes your properties so great? Do you have a unique selling point? Maybe it’s having a barbecue in the backyard, maybe it’s having fishing boats. The About Us page is going to be one of the first opportunities to connect with your guests. This pages doesn’t need to be a novel, but having between 1 and 3 paragraphs should suffice. Having large crisp pictures can also help fill the space and say a lot about the property. Another way to think about it is as an open letter to your potential guests.

Local Information

The Vineyard Vacation Rentals has an exemplary “Concierge” page where they lay out all the day trips one could take up in Northern California’s wine country.


This isn’t just a list of trips. It’s a beautifully designed page, with an easy-to-read menu of events. They create an easy road to buying tickets (and therefore bringing people to stay at their lodging).


FAQs are seriously the best. They’re a resource for guests from their first inquiry through the duration of a vacation and check-out. So it matters to make the page good, right? But when you’re getting started and haven’t been asked enough questions to have high volumes of easily-answered queries…What then? Well, here are some of the most frequently asked frequently asked questions:

  • What time is check-in?
  • When is Check-out?
  • Can I bring pets?
  • Do you have a blender?
  • What is your rental agreement?
  • Is there a maximum number of people?
  • Is there free wi-fi?
  • Where can I park my car?

This should be enough to get you started. People will always have question. As you get more business and questions come in, you’ll save time by developing a thorough FAQ page.

In Conclusion

Making some strategic moves along the way to your website will make your site ready for business. Are you still asking yourself, “When is it going to get done?”

We have a solution. See our blog post about creating an editorial calendar for your blog. This calendar will keep you on top of your website copy.

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